Building a Deck at Ground Level

You too can build decking!

A ground level deck provides a perfect outdoor spot within your home for spending some quality time with both friends and family. It is also fairly easy to build such a deck and therefore one does not need to be intimidated by the thought of undertaking a project to construct one. Especially when Jim’s Building Maintenance is around to offer the required services. Jims’ workers will construct your deck both promptly and efficiently and make sure that your individual requirements have been taken into account. Before you start the project you should plan on how much you are willing to spend in total on the material as well as the size and shape of your potential deck.

So what steps are involved in building a deck effectively and efficiently?

Step 1:

Firstly, an area should be chosen for the construction of the deck that is most preferably flat. A flat area will not only be easier to carry out construction on but it will prevent any obstruction in water runoff from the roof and gutter. This area should then be cleared out. This can be done in two ways; the land can be either tilled or raked.

Step 2:

The next step is to level the ground. This can be done by using a 2 by 4 and a 4 foot level. The outline of the deck should be traced by positioning the corners and the middle piers. The corners can be laid out with stakes and string should be placed within the box area so as to trace out a grid for the deck. This grid will enable positioning of the piers.

Step 3:

Step 3 is regarding lumber. Lumber should be attached to the notch of the piers as well as to the corner. Deck screws should be placed approximately 2 and a half inches along the perimeter of the deck. If possible square head screws should be used to avoid the screw heads from stripping. 2 by 6 boards should be screwed into the rim so that a single piece is made.

Step 4:

This step involves decking. The choice of decking is entirely up to the homeowner. Among the alternatives available are; natural wood, red wood, composite material etc. So one can easily select the kind which suits them the most and once this selection has been done the deck boards can be laid out. These boards should be laid on top of the single body piece that has been constructed in previous steps. The spacing of these boards will be dependent upon the kind of material that is being used. For example, composite would not require any extra space to be left in between but does involve the use of special screws.

It should be kept in mind that the decking is responsible for the look that is created. Most people would opt for natural wood because of the natural look that it gives. However, composite material is much easier to maintain and so some might prefer it over natural wood.

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