Setting Priorities for Home Restoration

Undertaking a home restoration project can be daunting. You never really know what a home needs until you become willing to look deeper into its structural integrity. Many people make the mistake of believing that it will all be cosmetic and just a list of DIY jobs they can knock off over the weekend. Very often, there can be major structural repairs that are needed. There can also be ways to avoid structural repairs by making sure that stopping damage from continuing to occur is high on your

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4 Easy Tips for Home Improvement

Investing in your home not only ensures that it is well maintained but can also be quite a fun task at times. So what are some of the easiest ‘do it yourself’ tips for home improvement that almost anybody can easily pursue?

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3 Building Repairs That Are Important to Take Care of in the Summer

When it comes to building repairs, you should never put them off as they can quickly grow and turn into an expensive problem before you know it. In addition, if your building is in disarray, one of your employees, residents, or customers may be injured and the liability falls back on you.

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When DIY is Not the Best Plan

If you own a home, you have a to-do list. That is just a fact of life. Home ownership is an amazing adventure, but it is also a lot of work. There are many home repairs  that you can do yourself: you most likely would not hire a professional to change a lightbulb. Changing a light switch, however, is a different situation. Unless you are an electrician by trade, this is not a repair that you would want to tackle on your own. That is when you should call a reputable, professional company like Jim’s Building Maintenance.

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Most Common Home and Renovation Mistakes Homeowners Make

Home and renovation mistakes happen all of the time and they are much more common than you may think. It is important that before you start any renovation projects, you are fully prepared.

Want to know what the most common mistakes homeowners tend to make are? Keep reading on below.

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